Beach Front Properties in Panama

From $395,000 USD


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38 Hectares (94 acres)


This property is next to property #1 which has already been sold to a world class  developer.  It is being developed for high end residences.  Take a look at the last photo which shows a billboard for the development on Property # 1.  Notice the price - Lots from $90,000 USD.  So the property next to this new development will greatly increase in value over the coming years.

Property 2 shares the private beach with Property 1 and has a spectacular rock point and two natural harbors.  The land in front of the beach including the rock point has altitude so it is solid ground to build on. 

This property has 590 meters (1935 feet) of beach frontage and 630 meters (2066 feet) of road frontage on the road leading to the new development.

Road front lots for services such as hotels, restaurants and rental agencies, will be in high demand.  The electric line is located on front of the property and the communication lines will be will be coming in soon.

A new drilled well with lots of capacity and a new submersible pump is included.

And for pilots, the topography is perfect for a 2,900 feet airstrip with excellent approaches in both directions.

This property rises gently from the ocean which makes it an easy property to develop.  At least 90% of the property has an ocean view and mountain view.  There are 9.7 hectares (24 acres) of mature hardwood bush and there are two easy accesses points.  24 hectares of this cattle ranch is titled and the balance is in process of being titled. This property can be purchased for $2,650,000 USD which is less than $7 USD per square meter.

Property 2 - The Beach Front Property - Looking North from Rock Point

Property 2 - Beach

Property 2 - Private Beach Shared with Property 1

Property 2 - Rock Point

Property 2 - Rock Point Looking from Private Beach. 

The Point is flat on top ... perfect for building dream home or hotel on.

Property 2 - Hardwood Bush

Property 2 - Pasture Land

Property 2 - Ocean View

Property 2 - Ocean View

Property 2 - Ocean View

Property 2 - Mountain View

Property 2 - Natural Harbours

Property 2 - One of Two Natural Harbors Beside Rock Point


Billboard for Property 1 Development